Shendor: ( Shendor)



Shendor was born on 't Brökske in 2002. He is dead but will always be remembered as very special in our introduction into the world of Great Danes. His name is our lead to the names of our Brindle and Fawn Danes. He was an Ambassador for the Great Danes. Wen he was born we didn't have a Kennel name but for us he is a real 't Brökske Dane, together with his mother Vera the founder of the Great Dane virus which has infected us. His parents were Vera van de Maginaris and Kanodr von Hause Rawert.

Shendor's name comes from Chien-D'or. French for Dog of Gold.

Shendor was 5 years and 9 months old wen we made the decision to let him pass away. It still hurts, but we were forced to make this decision to because he had Bone-Cancer. It started in his Jaw which was partly removed, according to the Vets he had the change to get old. Unfortunally 2 1/2 weeks later the bonecancer revealed in his leg. All together he lived 5 Months after diagnose. He loved life and wasn't ready to Die, we had to make the decision because the pain in his leg was to much to handle.

His parents are; Vera van de Maginaris and Kandor von Hause Rawert.


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