Shanti: ( Tirana von Dünnerland )


Shanti (Tirana vom Dünner Land) a fawn female with personality. Very intelligent and good character. Shanti was 9 1/2 weeks old wen she came to 't Brökske. Shanti was born in Germany at the Family Ebke. We gave here the name Shanti because of the meaning of this name. Shanti is Indian for Peace. Also Sh from Shendor, in the middle HAN vrom Hannah, the mother of Shanti and Ti form here own Pedigree name. Her parents are Hannah vom Dünner Land und Vinzens von der Horst.

Shanti is a charming Dog who exactly knows how to induce visitors. We think that Shanti was in here former life a Cat. In June 2009, 5 kittens were born. Shanti couldn't resist the kittens and if she had the change she was playin with them. Very gently without hurtin the kittens, who were the same size as here paw. Beetle the mother of the kittens and here Son Chevy are still the best friends.

We have plans to breed with Shanti, she has been approved for HD, ED and hart. Healt comes first. If every works out according to plan, Shanti will be the mother of the first " van 't Brökske " litter.


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