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Pictures from our Great Danes, playing in the snow and from 't Brökske in Winter.

Chien-d'or Shanuy de Damacan, Brussels Dogshow in Belgium.

1 Excl. 2x CAC en CACIB and Crufts Kwalification. He became Belgian Winner 2010. Belgian Winner 2010

13 december 2010, show in Wijchen. David en Fatima, breeders from Chien-D'or Shanuy de Damacan and Homera Del Casco Viejo, both showed Shanuy en Fadah in Wijchen. Shanuy 2 Excl. Fadah 1 Excl. + res. CAC en res Cacib.


C'est La Vie de Damacan, brother of Chien-D'or Shanuy de Damacan, won both Portuguese and Spanish champions titels.

C'est La Vie de Damacan Portuguese Champion 27-11-2010 C'est La Vie de Damacan Spanish Champion 04-12-2010

Congratulations David and C'est La Vie de Damacan.


At the Amsterdam Winner achieved Chien-d'or Shanuy de Damacan Exc.2 and Fadah (Homera del Casco Viejo) Exc.1.

Fadah ( Homera Del Casco Viejo ) Chien-D'or Shanuy de Damacan


Abintu Gesha was on show today. Jonge Doggendag ( Jung Greatdanes day ) from the Dutch DDVN ( Duitse Doggen vereniging Nederland ) .

Attractive brindle bitch 7 months old. for here age very well developed. Shows itself with style.
Excellent breed-typical overall picture. Female head with good proportions, good stop, straight nose. Set high, well carried ears. Healthy, dark eye, adequate mask. Lips could be something more. Good, long, strong neck + panache. Smooth top and bottom lines. Well angulated front and hindquarters. Good legs + feet. Appropriate bone. Slightly tail low. Correct bite.
Excellent temperament. Is still very young, but in proper cadence.



Angaj van 't Brökske Angaj van 't Brökske


Show in Bleiswijk with Abintu Gesha and Fadah. Fadah has 1 excl. and res, CAC en res. CACIB. Abintu Gesha has 1 very Promissing, best puppy in class.

Video Fadah ( Homera Del Casco Viejo)

Video Abintu Gesha van 't Brökske


Oct 24 th, show with Shanuy in Utrecht, see the video

Oct 9 th, show in Zwolle with Shanuy and Fadah, see the video

pictures from my visit in Spain and Gibraltar in September. Click here

more pictures from Angaj and Abintu Geshavan 't Brökske. Click here

New pictures from Angaj van 't Brökske. Angaj van 't Brökske Click here
Chien-D'or Shanuy de Damacan was on show in Mechelen, Belgium. 1 ZG
Born from Joy and Spike, 12 puppies, for more information, check litters.
First show for Abintu Gesha van 't Brökske in Oberhausen, Germany. 1 very Promissing Babyclass. Abintu Gesha van 't Brökske in Oberhausen
Pictures and a video of Angaj van 't Brökske. video and pictures. Also pictures of Abintu Gesha van 't Brökske who will be updated regulary.

Hereby you'll find a link to the website of Prins Le Nichoir. Unfortunally we had in the past contact with a Dutch breeder who made up a lot of untrue stories about us, but also a lot of other people. Untill today we and other people still get confronted with these stories. Read the story of Maria Brandt, official owner of Prins Le Nichoir. This is only one story. To read the full story, click here.


We have tried to bring out Chien- d'or Shanuy de Damacan on shows, but after he was been bitten by another dog on the show in Groningen just before he went into the ring we have decided to give him some time to get over it. On the last Outdoorshow it went perfect and he won, but when he is going into the ring when the show is in a hall than he gets fear. He is afraid that he will be bitten again and we don't want that for him. Maybe in time it will be better. Shanuy has a very sweet character and we don't want that messed up on shows. This are the risks to go on shows and that there are people that don't look after their dog and harm other dogs.....physical and mentally.


Today to show in Genk ( BE ). Chien-D'or Shanuy de Damacan 1 VG.


Today to Show in Uden with Shanuy and Fadah. Chien-D'or Shanuy de Damacan 1 V CAC + Cacib + BOB und Fadah, Homera Del Casco Viejo 1 V and NL youth Champion


Today Angaj left his parenthome to start his new life with Patrick and Nanja. He has found a very good home with Patrick and Nanja.


Today, Shanuy and Fadah went to the NDDC Clubmatch. Shanuy 2 ZG and Fadah ZG.


Today Shanuy's hart is checked. Everything is ok.


Abintu Gesha will stay by us and Angay will be adopted by Patrick and Nanja.


Fadah was on Show today in Arnhem. She was 2 excellent. Fadah Del Casco Viejo


Chien-D'or Shanuy de Damacan, his picture was published in the Spanish Great Dane Club magazine. click her for the picture


I had a interview for a Dutch magazine, Our House. They also were impressed, so as they called them, gigantic Dogs. click her for the picture


Computerproblems, only a totall reinstall solved the problem. Because of this there were no updates.


26 th off April the eyes openend, for picture, please check regular for update by Litters.


Born today from Tirana vom Dünner Land. 1 brindle male and 1 brindle female. We knew that there would be born 2 puppies. More pictures by litters


There are puppies availeble in Spain. 2 brindle male, 3 brindle female and 1 fawn female. For more info: 0031 24 6632172. pictures


Chien-D'or Shanuy de Damacan has 296 points for EuDDC breederslist. We now waiting for the results of HD and ED X-ray.


Shanuy and Fadah at show in Leeuwarden. Shanuy 1 ZG. Fadah 1 U + J CAC.

Homera Del Casco Viejo Chien-D'or Shanuy de Damacan


Shifra died today, we let here put to sleep. She had bonecancer and there was no healing possible.


Shanuy and Fadah at show in Luxembourg. Shanuy 3 ZG. Fadah 2 U


Shanuy and Fadah at show in Leiden. Shanuy 1 U J-CAC. Fadah 2 ZG

SHANUY IS DUTCH YOUTH CHAMPION. Linda and Shanuy Leiden Linda und Fadah Leiden

Second echo is made, was not possible to see how many Puppies we can expect, 4, 5, 6, ..........??? Shanti
Today is confirmed that Shanti is pregnant. The puppies are expected on April 16, 2010..
Shanuy and Fadah at show in Groningen. Shanuy 1 ZG and Fadah 1 U + J CAC.
Mating with Shanti "Tirana vom Dünner Land" and  Genius vom Luttertal. Find more information at Mating.
Shanuy and Fadah at show in Eindhoven. Shanuy 1 U J-CAC + R-CAC. Fadah 2 ZG
Shanuy 3 SG at show in Limburg an der Lahn.
First day online with the renewed website.
Planning a first litter for 2010 with Shanti ( Tirana von Dünner Land ).