Fadah, Homera Del Casco Viejo.

Fadah is a Black female. We got here as present from Spain. Here pedigree name is Homera del Casco Viejo from breeder Fatima Cabanillas Serrano. The name Fadah is made from ( FA ) Fatima, ( DA ) David and ( H ) Harm. Also Adah means Beauty in Hebrew. Fadah is born out of Bruce von der Ofnethöhle and Ania Z Zielonego Wzgórza Moloseum. Since the first of May 2009 she lives with us.

Fadah is very devoted and kind vor everybody. She wants to make fun whole day long and is very persevere.

We are very grateful to Fatima for giving us Fadah and we enjoy every day with here.

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